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Level Up Podcast

Jun 7, 2021

Rasagna Holt is the Founder and CEO of KGTiger, a company that serves the in-house recruitment and talent acquisition industry. KGTiger provides solutions that combine human intelligence and machine learning to solve critical talent acquisition problems. Rasagna and her team have serviced companies including MathWorks, Microsoft, Disney, ESPN, Under Armour, and many more.

Throughout her career, Rasagna has helped major organizations build talent strategies around diversity hiring, international expansion, talent market research, volume hiring, executive staffing, and talent pipeline. She continues to grow her team and company through new and innovative strategies around talent acquisition.

In this episode…

Are you finding the right candidates for your team, or are you still hiring employees who are only driven by a paycheck? If you’re looking for a better way to grow your business, Rasagna Holt is here to share her expert strategies for finding valuable candidates, promoting diversity, and building teams that contribute to the success of your company.

Equity and fairness are at the heart of Rasagna’s work. With years of experience in the talent acquisition field, she has helped many organizations expand their talent pools, develop their teams, and effectively grow their businesses. According to Rasagna, your company will thrive with a diverse team of employees whose values match your organization’s. So, how can you start attracting the right candidates and developing your team for long-term success?

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Rasagna Holt, the Founder and CEO of KGTiger, to talk about her strategies for hiring — and leading — a great team. Rasagna discusses her three-dimensional approach to talent acquisition, her best practices for hiring and training candidates, and her tips for building a talent pipeline that aligns with your company’s mission. Stay tuned!