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Level Up Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

Mark Audino is an Independent Consultant and Growth Strategist with over 35 years of international experience in marketing, sales, product development, leadership management, and more. Using his expert strategies and tactics, he helps organizations drive top-line growth and outperform financially.

Before this, Mark served as the VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Xerox for 26 years. In this role, he launched over 200 products and gained marketing expertise in multiple countries. He also worked as the CMO at McGladrey, where he was responsible for corporate marketing and business development.

In this episode…

Where are you going to win? How well do you understand your market? And, how can you build a strategy to achieve long-term success for your organization?

Mark Audino was not always bound for a career in sales. Initially, he was accepted to the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, where he hoped to pursue a career as an ambassador. But, after receiving his acceptance to the University of Notre Dame, he decided to pivot his focus to sales. Now, over 35 years later, Mark has built a successful career as a leader in sales, marketing, and top-line growth — and he’s here to share his expertise with you.

In this episode of Level Up, Independent Consultant and Growth Strategist Mark Audino joins Nick Araco to discuss the hard questions: where are you going to win and how are you going to win? Together, they talk about the importance of understanding your market, how to align your employee and customer experiences, and the strategies that led to Mark’s successful career in sales and marketing. Are you on the hunt for truth? Then stay tuned!