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Level Up Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

Emma Pollard is the Director of Global Talent Development at Teleflex, a global provider of medical technologies with more than 14,000 employees worldwide. With over a decade of experience in talent acquisition, Emma helps companies develop and engage their employees and customers at every part of the enterprise. She enjoys exploring international environments, organizations, and cultures. Additionally, Emma has a background in psychology that assists with her communication, analytic skills, and interactions.

In this episode…

How can you set your employees up for success? What can you do to improve your company culture while enriching your employees' experiences? For Emma Pollard, it’s all about cultivating skillful communication in the workplace.

As a talent development expert, Emma has helped teams improve the performance and experiences of their people. She believes there is strength in understanding another person beyond what they can contribute to the workplace. It takes authentic and personal connections to create a positive experience. So, what does this mean for your organization?

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Emma Pollard, the Director of Global Talent Development at Teleflex, to discuss cultivating and aligning core values between employers and employees. Emma talks about generating authentic relationships in a remote team, the importance of a foundation rooted in communication, and how to set employees up for success in the workplace.