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Level Up Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

Kara Dodson is a strategic consultant and coach at Volta Talent Strategies and an adjunct professor at Temple University's James E. Beasley School of Law. At Volta, Kara coaches lawyers of all levels in a variety of areas, including business development, time management, effective communication, stress management, leadership, and delegation.

Kara started her legal career over 20 years ago at Duane Morris LLP. Since then, she has covered employment and labor cases dealing with professional malpractice, litigation matters, human rights, and more. Today, Kara is committed to helping law firms and attorneys maximize client relationships and develop business strategies for growth and success.

In this episode…

What does a lawyer need to succeed? Information; tools; colleagues with a common goal? According to Kara Dodson, one of the most valuable resources that a lawyer can have for business development is a coach who can help them cultivate a mindset of resilience and empathy. 

After decades of experience practicing employment law, Kara switched her focus to business development and coaching. Her mission is to create an atmosphere where lawyers can build stronger relationships with clients and continue to develop their talents in a changing industry. So, what is Kara’s advice for navigating the current opportunities and challenges in the legal profession? 

In this week's episode of Level Up, host Nick Araco sits down with coach, consultant, and attorney, Kara Dodson. Kara discusses her tips for stress management in 2020 and beyond, her transition from BigLaw to business development, and the importance of empathy in the workplace. She also shares her hopes for the future of the legal profession and her secrets for staying at the top of your game in the middle of a pandemic. Stay tuned!