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Level Up Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

JJ Laforet is the Senior Director of Operations at Good Eggs, an industry-leading grocery brand that delivers sustainable and fresh products to your door. His first job out of business school was with Carpedia International, an implementation consulting firm, where he learned the skills and techniques to make businesses and company cultures better.

JJ earned his BS in operations and political science from Stony Brook University and his MBA from Marymount University. He is also a former Division I lacrosse player and Division III coach, which taught him the importance of leadership, teamwork, and performance.

In this episode…

Are you looking for strategies to optimize your current workforce and build a solution-driven team? Perhaps you’re searching for a better way to connect departments in order to effectively execute your company’s goals. If so, JJ Laforet is here to share his methods for successfully building foundational relationships to drive your company forward.

In his role at Good Eggs, JJ is revolutionizing the food system by understanding the relationships that make it tick. His unparalleled passion for delivering quality and authentic food products has helped him develop strong teams across departments and constructively grow the business. So, how can you start connecting and building relationship-driven teams to achieve long-term success at your organization?

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco talks with JJ Laforet, the Senior Director of Operations at Good Eggs, about optimizing the connection between people and operations — and breaking down the barriers that prevent teamwork. JJ discusses his strategies for improving company culture, the value of investing in people and relationships, and the importance of adopting a learning mindset. Stay tuned.