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Level Up Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

Momin Sheikh is the Managing Partner of Frankel Management Company (FMC), a full-service real estate firm that develops, builds, operates, and manages real estate. FMC specializes in strategic and diverse acquisitions, including residential, industrial, commercial, office, and retail properties. With his partners, Momin is responsible for fund strategy, capital raises, and investor relations.

Before joining FMC, Momin was the Founder and President of MerakiCMO, a creative agency that provides marketing and branding solutions to multinational companies across various industries. Momin also co-founded the nonprofit, Friends For Good, and volunteers at CareLink Community Support Services, Justice for Our Neighbors, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

In this episode…

According to Momin Sheikh, you don’t need a certain background or financial standing to start a successful company. So, what is the key to accomplishing your entrepreneurial goals? In this episode of Level Up, Momin removes the barriers to entrepreneurship and shares how to create an impactful career — no matter who you are.

As the child of immigrant parents, Momin did not have opportunities handed to him. However, that didn’t stop him from taking on the challenging — but rewarding — path of entrepreneurship. Now, Momin fosters a diverse culture and community in his area and works collaboratively with nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their purpose, mission, and vision.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco is joined by Momin Sheikh, the Managing Partner of Frankel Management Company, to discuss entrepreneurship, diversity, and community support. Momin talks about his journey into the nonprofit sector, what he learned from his business failures, and his tips for forging an impactful and purpose-driven career. Stay tuned!