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Level Up Podcast

May 16, 2022

Regina Black Lennox is the Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff at Satell Institute, a company well-known for a strong, supportive culture of accountability and dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Ed Satell founded and fully-endowed the groundbreaking Satell Institute, a “Think and Do Tank for Corporate Social Responsibility.” The Institute is focused on championing the interdependence of successful business organizations, the well-being of the communities they operate in, and the need they have for each other, recognizing an inescapable priority for business leaders — to make the communities they operate in better by partnering for-profits with quality nonprofits, for the greater good.

As a consultant, speaker, and presenter, Regina has also worked with faith educational institutions and nonprofit organizations to provide global resources to help companies understand and maximize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, training retreats, and motivational seminars. Her best-known presentations include: The Language of Leadership, Ways to Incite & Excite; Stay Proactive—Not Reactive; Communicate to Create;Called, Challenged and Gifted; and Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully.Regina serves on several boards and advisory councils and has received The Distinguished Advocate Award issued by The Support Center for Child Advocates.

In this episode…

As a business leader, how can you take action and make a positive change in your community? Where can you turn to find workable strategies and resources to nourish people in need and your community?

Regina Black Lennox knows that leaders need access to tools and resources to take actionable steps to impact workforce development to sustain the community and the people who live there. She has been at the forefront of actively engaging and encouraging leaders to create immediate — and lasting — change in their communities through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Regina advocates for people to remain authentic and connect to others with a deeper meaning and to hold true to Founder Ed Satell’s belief, model, and teaching of “Think we, not just me.”

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Regina Black Lennox, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff at Satell Institute, to discuss the importance of research and a commitment for doing good within the community. Regina talks about the sequence of connecting through research and education, ways to develop positive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and creating a sustainable future through the next generation. Stay tuned!