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Level Up Podcast

Aug 2, 2021

Suneet Bhatt is the President and Board Chair of Boldr, an outsourcing company that provides enterprises with high-quality, custom solutions in customer experience, data management, and sales enablement. With years of experience in business and marketing, he is a seasoned leader who has led companies through all phases of growth and performance.

In addition to this, Suneet is the creator of My Authentic Story, where he helps people unearth, frame, and tell their authentic stories. He also founded Dream Village, an organization that uses picture books and the web to help kids explore and address important global issues. Throughout his career, Suneet has helped raise over 42 million dollars, and he is dedicated to supporting others on their professional journeys.

In this episode…

How do you run a successful, purpose-driven business? For Suneet Bhatt, it’s about sharing authentic stories and engaging with a broad population to reach your company’s goals. He uses his core values — passion, dedication, and personalization — as the foundation for his business.

Suneet runs his team at Boldr based on those values. He has built a purpose-driven team and company by understanding value in each person and cultivating a positive environment. To grow, Suneet suggests that companies need to establish career paths, not just tasks. So, how can you start helping your team and organization achieve next-level growth today?

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco talks with Suneet Bhatt, the President and Board Chair of Boldr, about navigating challenging markets with resilience. Suneet shares his experiences building a business with fewer constraints, creating a positive workplace environment, and giving back to the community. He also talks about the exponential growth of Boldr and his passion projects. Stay tuned!