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Level Up Podcast

Jun 27, 2022

Matt Aaron is the President and CEO of the Special Olympics Pennsylvania, a nonprofit organization that uses the power of sports to transform the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Over the course of 13 years working for this statewide nonprofit, Matt has more than tripled annual revenues by fostering a strategic vision to expand and regionalize the organization. Matt has positioned the Special Olympics Pennsylvania as an innovator and a next-level performer.

Prior to joining Special Olympics Pennsylvania, Matt established a career in the US Navy, gained valuable marketing experience within the Strategic Planning Division of Procter and Gamble, and honed his business skills through management consultancy work with Booz Allen Hamilton. He completed his MBA with a concentration in nonprofit management from Yale School of Management.

In this episode…

As a sports organization, how do you allow athletes to engage in a meaningful way during the pandemic? When the dust settles, is it possible to build for the future to better engage and serve athletes across the globe?

While the pandemic brought many challenges for businesses, it provided Matt Aaron the opportunity for innovation and reinvention. He and his team took action to effectively serve their athletes in the Special Olympics by implementing virtual events, challenges, and races. And after emerging from the lockdown, Matt knew that to boost the impact his organization brings to the community, he needed to create a new formula to rebuild.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Matt Aaron, President and CEO of Special Olympic Pennsylvania, to discuss how to better serve the community and athletes with higher-quality programs. Matt talks about grappling with the challenges of the pandemic, strategies for embracing organizational change, and innovative ways to connect athletes across the globe.