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Level Up Podcast

Nov 14, 2022

In March 2020, brothers Kaleb and Kolby Rush lost their internships with the onset of the pandemic. They decided to put their skills and knowledge to good use. Alongside their dad, they spent months perfecting their five-ingredient, human-grade, meat-based dog treat recipes. With a passion for entrepreneurship, a love for dogs, and their unique knowledge of dog treat craftsmanship, Kaleb and Kolby got down to business and co-founded Saint Rocco’s Treats. They’re focused on opening 15 Saint Rocco's kitchens by 2030.

Kaleb Rush is also the Production Manager at Prime Packaging Partners LLC. Kaleb graduated from the Fox School of Business at Temple University with a major in supply chain management and a minor in entrepreneurship, selling skills, and sales operations. He is also the Recruitment Chairman for Delta Chi, where he developed a recruitment strategy and successfully onboarded 20 new members to help grow its colony and build Delta Chi's brand on campus.

Kolby Rush sharpened his practical understanding of the business world as an Associate Consultant for Chess Consulting LLC, an Intern at Primerica, and by working for his dad at American Butcher Brand. Kolby received a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University with a major in finance and a minor in economics. He also studied abroad in Germany at Pforzheim University, learning business and economics.

In this episode…

Your four-legged friend has always been there with a gentle nose and a warm heart, so how can you make sure you’re catering to your pet’s dietary needs? What steps can you take to ensure an authentic consumer experience across various touch points?

When Kaleb and Kobly Rush began their dog treat brand, they were certain about one thing — dogs deserve better. By bootstrapping their brand, they control the ingredients that go into each treat, so man’s best friend will only get top ingredients. Kaleb and Kolby enhanced their marketing recipe by using a genuine approach to reach their target audience and make a positive impact in their community by donating $1 to local dog rescues for every pound of treats sold. Bring tail wags to your home with this episode. 

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco is joined by Kaleb and Kolby Rush, Founders of Saint Rocco’s Treats, to discuss the commitment and passion behind creating a pet food brand. Together, they talk about launching a human-grade dog food brand, why authenticity has a greater impact on consumers, and why remaining committed to your values is essential.