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Level Up Podcast

May 2, 2021

Laura Remaker is a diversity champion, a leader in human resources, and the Head of People Operations at gettacar, an online platform that helps users buy, trade, sell, and finance used cars. Laura has managed HR, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and leadership and succession planning for seven fast-growing companies.

Before joining gettacar, Laura served as the Advisor and Chief People Officer at Spring EQ and the Vice President of Human Resources at Greenphire. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, she is redefining the role and value of human resources.

In this episode…

Laura Remaker is redefining the role of human resources; she is thinking in a business mindset, celebrating mistakes, and breaking outdated rules. By taking this innovative approach, she has become a catalyst for company success, and now she’s here to share all of her expert tips with you.

As an action-oriented people leader, Laura has learned how to manage — and develop — a cohesive team. As she says, building a strong foundation for your business requires transparency, authenticity, and diversity. That’s why Laura always aims to be a true business partner and seek out the best in both the companies and the people she works with.

Listen to this episode of Level Up as Nick Araco talks with Laura Remaker, the Head of People Operations at gettacar, about the transformations taking place in human resources. Laura discusses her career development in the HR industry, her tips for creating a sense of connection between employees and leaders, and the vital importance of sharing ideas in the workplace. Stay tuned!