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Level Up Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Peter Nesbitt is the Vice President of Finance at Teampay, a software-based platform that allows companies to track their spending in real-time. Peter’s areas of expertise include financial leadership, risk management, revenue growth, and more.

As a former military intelligence officer, Peter has diverse experience in both analytical and leadership roles. Before joining Teampay, Peter was the Director of Finance at Bitly and the Co-founder of TheFam. He has a consistent track record of significant achievements in finance, operations management, and process improvement. Peter is also a regular contributor to Forbes.

In this episode…

Do you track your spending? What about on an organizational level? Most companies have pre-determined budgets, but what happens when you need to make a quick purchase? 

That's where financial leaders come in: to rescue our budgets and help companies make better financial decisions with each purchase. Over the past nine years, Peter Nesbitt has worked his way up to a leadership role in financial services and management. As the current Vice President of Finance at Teampay, Peter is an expert at helping companies track and evaluate their spending so they can achieve exponential growth and success. 

In this week's episode, host Nick Araco sits down with Peter Nesbitt, a Finance and Operations Executive at Teampay. Together they discuss Peter's transition from the US Army to the world of finance, the future of financial leaders, and how to build an effective team for any project. Peter also shares his morning routine, his path toward financial leadership, and where he sees himself in five years. Stay tuned!