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Level Up Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

Diane McGraw is the President and Executive Producer at McGraw Productions and the Producer for The Dare to Dream Experience, a mentoring program for high school and college students. She began her career as the assistant to the President of the Screen Actors Guild and Kaufman Astoria Studios and has managed notable sports and entertainment events for over 30 years, including the Los Angeles Grammy Awards, the 1994 Soccer World Cup, MLB and NHL All-Star Games, and more.

In 2017, Diane became the first female inducted into the National Association of Sports Commissions (Sports ETA) Hall of Fame. She is currently authoring a book that is set to release this fall titled Behind The Scenes...Explore and Navigate a Career in Sports and Entertainment.

In this episode…

To be a pioneer, you have to be willing to adapt and grow. Diane McGraw began her journey with an idea and has since made her dreams a reality. So, what was her formula for success?

When Diane started out in the sports and entertainment industry, she had passion, confidence, and the determination to succeed. She understands the value of making connections, adapting to challenges, and daring to dream in order to achieve next-level growth. That’s why she created her mentorship program for students: to equip future generations with these skills and opportunities so that they could achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco chats with Diane McGraw, the President and Executive Producer at McGraw Productions, about the driving force behind The Dare to Dream Experience, her mentorship program aimed at helping future generations succeed in the sports and entertainment industry. Diane discusses her mantra for helping others, how she empowers students to find a path in the industry, and the importance of building relationships to achieve your goals. Stay tuned.