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Level Up Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

Myles Anderson is the Founder and CEO of BrightLocal. BrightLocal is a marketing technology business that provides solutions to local marketing challenges. Their tools and services have helped over 80,000 local marketers develop success for their brands and clients. The BrightLocal team has grown to more than 200 employees working in four countries. Before launching his business, Myles was the Product Manager and Marketing Manager for VideoJug and the Director of Business Development for eHarmony.

In this episode…

It’s one thing to manage two employees. It’s a different challenge when you’re leading a team of 50. But, it’s a whole new ballgame to manage over 200 people in multiple different countries.

Myles Anderson understands this firsthand. As he says, a growing company needs growing leadership — not just in numbers of people with fancy titles, but with people who are actively learning to become better leaders. What kinds of skills does a good leader need? Where can you learn them? How will it impact your company?

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, host Nick Araco is joined by Myles Anderson, Founder and CEO of BrightLocal, to discuss how he grew as a leader while his company expanded. Myles talks about why learning great leadership skills was a priority, the culture he developed at BrightLocal, and how his team’s eight core beliefs power every business decision.