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Level Up Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Del Keffer is the Vice President of Sales at Kirby-Smith Machinery, a leading distributor of heavy equipment and cranes in the central United States. In his role at Kirby-Smith Machinery, Del believes in the value of teamwork and trust-based business relationships that drive superior results. 

In the last 40 years, Del has carved out a powerful career path, transitioning from garden sales to the executive suite. Before joining Kirby-Smith Machinery, Del was the President of North American Trailer and a Vice President at Volvo Construction Equipment. His drive and leadership continue to inspire his colleagues and team members to grow and succeed.

In this episode…

How dedicated are you to cultivating teamwork and leadership within your organization? Del Keffer, the Vice President of Sales at Kirby-Smith Machinery, has worked in countless roles as a salesperson, and he passionately believes in investing in the growth of his team.

As Del says, the ability to invest in ourselves, our company, and those under our care is essential for leadership. That’s why his New Year’s resolution is to be a more responsive leader for his team. So, what is his advice on how to better engage with your team and focus on achieving your—and their—goals in 2021?

In this week's episode of Level Up, host Nick Araco sits down with the Vice President of Sales at Kirby-Smith Machinery, Del Keffer. Together, they discuss the essential ego of a salesperson, Del’s start in the sales industry, and how to cultivate your team’s authentic talent. Del also shares the valuable lesson he learned from his biggest sales mistake and the importance of being a responsive leader for your team. Stay tuned.