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Level Up Podcast

Sep 13, 2021

Mel Gravely is the CEO of TriVersity Construction, a commercial construction company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mel is also the author of multiple books, including his most recent book, Dear White Friend: The Realities of Race, the Power of Relationships and Our Path to Equity.

As an active business and civic leader, Mel previously chaired the board of the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce and served on the board of the United Way. He was also a founding board member of the Cincinnati Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI). Mel earned his MBA from Kent State University and his PhD from the Union Institute & University.

In this episode…

Growing and scaling a brand is a task in and of itself, and sometimes the complexity of running a business can cause you to forget about the other important aspects of leadership. So, what are you doing to set the next generation of leaders up for success? And how can you become a more empathetic leader today?

When the pandemic hit, the social and business components of many people’s lives changed. However, this offered an incredible opportunity to learn how to do better — both as people and as business leaders. Mel Gravely is an author and the CEO of TriVersity Construction, and he is building a community that wants to do better. He believes that as a leader, you need to look for ways to change the model, be flexible when executing a plan, and have more empathy for different perspectives. As he says, these are the best ways to bring value to your organization. 

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, Nick Araco sits down with Mel Gravely, an author and the CEO of TriVersity Construction, to discuss how to become a more empathetic leader today. Together, they talk about how to forge relationships with people in your community, the value of increasing your self-awareness and cultural fluency, and why the pandemic was a great opportunity to learn and grow as a leader.