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Level Up Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

Eric Pillmore is a finance and corporate governance leader and the General Partner of Amore Limited Partnerships. He is also a board member for several companies and nonprofits, including Vectrus, a leading provider of global service solutions. Before this, Eric was the Senior Advisor for the Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance.

Throughout his career, Eric has held executive finance and corporate governance roles for companies such as Tyco International, General Electric, and General Instrument. He also served as a US Navy officer and as an auditor with the Naval Audit Service in Washington, DC.

In this episode…

The most accomplished leaders are focused on thoughtfulness, creativity, and innovation. For Eric Pillmore, these values helped him adapt to different environments, learn from past mistakes, and transform the companies he worked with. So, how did he do it, and what steps can you take to find the same success?

Before getting into corporate governance, Eric began his career as a US Navy officer, where he managed a large group of people at a young age. In that position, Eric received some negative feedback about his harsh deadlines and assignments — and he quickly turned his leadership style around. Now, Eric is here to share his key strategies for becoming an effective leader, from focusing on clarity to building trust.

In this week’s episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Eric Pillmore, General Partner of Amore Limited Partnerships, to talk about shaping a great leadership style. Eric shares the lessons he learned from his former roles, the key traits that every leader should possess, and his tips for effectively managing your team — even in times of change. Stay tuned for more!