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Level Up Podcast

Sep 12, 2022

Reyn Holden is the Head of Finance and Accounting at Truebill, a finance company that manages subscriptions, improves credit scores, tracks spending, and builds budgets for consumers. He is a Global Advisory Board Member at AchieveNEXT and the Owner of Quintessence Properties I.

Reyn led a team of internal and external staff supporting the technology acquired by Rocket Companies and helped Truebill become a member of the Rocket team. He is experienced in the finance sector and was previously the Lead Data Financial Analyst for the Virginia Regional Transit, a Consultant at LMI, Head of FP&A for Great Minds, and a Consultant for Clarendon Partners, LLC.

In this episode…

How can you communicate financial information that satisfies the appetite? What can you do to align objectives with financial goals for a product-driven company?

Reyn Holden says the simplest way is not to overwhelm your clients with too much information. Effective communication requires tailoring and altering your message to a given audience. If your audience doesn't have the same level of understanding, you must express your message by directing it to the information that they want and need to know. Not everyone is a financial expert, so you must voice what's necessary to validate the next steps a business wants to take. Strategic business initiatives are built on the backs of financial information and assessing the risks and rewards of those decisions. Reyn helps translate the company’s financial needs and the desires of its product and brand-building goals, so the two form a cohesive strategy and set the company up to become an enduring enterprise. 

On this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Reyn Holden, Head of Finance and Accounting at Truebill, to discuss authenticating and improving your business results. Reyn talks about examining the long-term success of your product, how to communicate financial needs effectively, and the steps you can take to balance a company’s financial and operational needs.