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Level Up Podcast

May 17, 2021

Andrew Norrie is the Founder and Partner of Forward Path Group, a company that provides human capital solutions to help businesses achieve growth. Andrew has 25 years of experience in executive search, client service, strategy, planning, and growth. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, he has led many start-ups to success and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Before launching Forward Path Group, Andrew founded Four Corners Group, an executive search firm that reached #42 on the Hunt Scanlon “Top 50 Search Firms in North America” list. As a trusted advisor, Andrew has also been a member of several boards, including Bright Blue Wave, Help Wanted App, and Equity Wine Group.

In this episode…

According to Andrew Norrie, you can have the best technology and business strategies, but if you don’t have the right people on your team, you’re not going to grow. So, how do you find the best talent for your company? And how can you keep up with changing hiring trends to continue developing your business?

As a talent acquisition expert, Andrew has helped many executives and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. For Andrew, the recruitment industry is all about mastering the art of assessing candidates, fostering strong relationships, and promoting a diverse team. As he says, the right applicants aren’t always the ones with the best resumes and backgrounds, but rather those who are motivated to make a connection and grow with a company. 

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Andrew Norrie, the Founder and Partner of Forward Path Group, to talk about recent trends in the talent acquisition industry. Andrew discusses the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on communication and hiring, what the future holds for the multi-generational workforce, and how to find the best employees for your business. Stay tuned for more.