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Level Up Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

Tom Stewart and Doug Farren are Directors at the National Center for the Middle Market, the leading source for knowledge, leadership, and research on mid-sized companies. Together, they have interviewed thousands of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from middle market enterprises across North America.

Tom Stewart is the Executive Director of the Center, as well as an influential thought leader for global management issues, an internationally recognized editor and publisher, and a best-selling author. Doug Farren brings his years of expertise in supply chain management to his position as the Managing Director of the Center, where he specializes in corporate outreach and strategic planning.

In this episode…

With 2021 fast approaching, how are you prioritizing during this fourth quarter? And, perhaps more importantly, have you prepared your middle market enterprise for the opportunities and challenges of the new year?

Thanks to the efforts of the National Center for the Middle Market, mid-market leaders don’t have to face 2021 alone or uninformed. Along with their colleagues at The Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, Doug Farren and Tom Stewart have dedicated their careers to researching, analyzing, and sharing insights into the middle market. So, what are their outlooks for the year ahead? 

Tune in as Nick Araco interviews Tom Stewart and Doug Farren from the National Center for the Middle Market, who have dedicated their time and effort to supporting mid-market leaders and enterprises. In this week's episode, they discuss what business leaders need to prioritize in the fourth quarter, the importance of taking advantage of new growth opportunities, and how CFOs can successfully pivot in the new year. Keep listening!